Writing Cause and Effect Essay When You Need to Write Cause and Effect Essay

Writing Cause and Effect Essay When You Need to Write Cause and Effect Essay

One of the most widely used essay types in higher educational institutions is cause and effect essay . This paper is rather interesting to deal with as an author converts into a researcher investigating and discovering new things; at the same time it is difficult to cope with, as a writer needs to make a diligent work: to find causes and effects of certain phenomenon under research, understanding their interrelation and then explaining it with the help of the facts found out in the course of research. If you do not know how to write essay of this type, follow the steps below and it will help you to know what makes this type of essay format . The first step is choosing cause and effect topic. It is very responsible moment as the topic should be interesting, useful and draw reader’s attention from the first point. While selecting the topic an author has to find it acute, absorbing and up-to-date.

For example, you can make a choice of one of the topics below:

  • Domestic workers
  • Dependence on computers
  • Commercialism in the Internet
  • Pollution of the forests
  • The role of mobile phones
  • Pros and cons of advertising

The second step in writing cause and effect essay is research itself. The object of the investigation can be a certain problem, an event, a situation or even behavior, etc. Let us take, for example, an event. So, the writer gets acknowledged with a certain event. He pays attention to all its details, comprehends different aspects and tries to understand all possible causes that can explain the happening.

Listing all reasons the researcher proceeds with the determination of the effects. The author digs deeper and deeper to define the results of the causes; he\she interprets the effects, differentiates them, and then starts to make an analysis. When the author has the list of causes as well as list of effects, he\she makes the next step in the work.

The third step is organization of causes and effects. The writer has collected all possible causes and effects, but it is impossible to cover all of them. That is why, the author focuses on the most important ones and just mentions the minor causes and effects that strengthen the essay but not making them blurred. It is very important to establish a strong relationship between reasons and consequences and organize them in a chronological order. This structure makes the comprehension of an essay easier and information more believable.

The last step is writing a cause and effect essay . The author should display all his\her writing skills that organize all the thoughts in a proper way and order. He\she can use special phrases, connectors that unite causes and effects and make the /essay stronger and clearer.

Following all these steps you will compose a good piece of writing. Good luck!!!

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