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Tips for Writing an Impeccable Employment Cover Letter

What Should an Employment Cover Letter Entail?

You saw a vacant position being advertised, and you believe you have the necessary skills and meet their recruitment criteria. You go to your saved items on your computer and open your resume, and it’s updated. Oh, wow. It’s now time to compose that compelling cover letter that will leave the human resource manager impressed. Pause for a while and ask yourself; What do they want to read? What type of candidate are they looking for? Of course, they are looking for the best cover letter, and it should entail the following aspects:

A Straightforward cover letter

Just get to the point. Tell the recruitment department how you would add value if given a chance to work in that organization. Make sure that your letter doesn’t go beyond two pages. It should range anywhere from 250-400 words. You don’t need to explain all your strengths as they are already featured in your resume. Most importantly, it would help if you mastered how to fill the gap that already exists skillfully.

A Well- structured cover letter

While applying for that vacant position, you need to put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. Hence, don’t write hurriedly to meet the submission deadline. Instead, take time to study how to write a good cover letter. While writing it, avoid grammatical errors, and do not overdo your persuasive skills. Just be neutral and natural. Remember that it should be a true reflection of the skills that you possess.

A relevant cover letter

As a job applicant, sometimes one may feel desperate to apply for any job. This is mostly when a person has tarmacked for a long duration seeking employment without any luck. However dire your situation may sound; please avoid applying for a job that doesn’t match your skills. You’ll only end up hopeful but, unfortunately, never get the job. To avoid such instances, make applications for jobs that you can confidently perform.

Considerations when Writing an Employment Cover Letter

The recruitment department usually has numerous cover letters stashed in drawers, boxes, and even cabinets. This only tells you that you must write an impeccable letter even to be considered for an interview. Remember that your letter accompanied with resume will speak for you even before you get shortlisted for a face to face interview. Therefore; when writing it, be sure to note the points listed below:

  • Avoid plagiarism- Many times, writers assume that they can download a sample cover letter from google and use it to apply for a job only to be rejected.
  • To stand a chance in being shortlisted, your cover letter must have proper syntax and good grammar. It is very annoying to read one that’s full of mistakes.
  • Avoid repetitions- Refrain from being crafty that you end up spinning content in your cover letter. Instead, connect your experience with that of the job you are applying.


Remember that this is your chance to convince a potential employer why you are the best candidate for the vacant position. Hence, don’t just apply blindly. You can go the extra mile of finding out the skills that the person who resigned possessed, so you know how to gauge yourself.

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