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Overview of Argumentative Essays

Structuring Your Argumentative Essay

As a student, before you embark on writing an essay, you always internalize and structure your thoughts into how you will present your paper and ask about how to writemyessayonline. An argumentative essay is as simple as just that. It entails a writer sharing their thoughts about a particular subject. You must understand five essential types of argument claims that can help structure your essay. They are discussed below:

  • Fact- Is your statement true or false?
  • Definition- What’s the dictionary meaning of your argument and your interpretation of it?
  • Value- How does your argument influence readers? Is it worth reading?
  • Gap- What is the statement problem, and what are its effects?
  • Call to action- What should readers do after reading your essay?

An argumentative essay is structured in three main ways, i.e., the Classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin approaches. The classical approach is most common, and it involves a writer stating their point and using case studies and examples to justify their stand while attempting to convince readers why their views should be preferred.

Considerations When Writing an Argumentative Essay

When writing an argumentative essay, you should consider that you need more than just an opinion to convince readers. This, therefore, means, a well-structured essay has to put all factors into consideration. There are vital elements that will ensure your argumentative essay sees the light of day, and they are discussed below:

Topic selection

In most cases, your teacher will give you a topic to justify, but you may be given the discretion to choose your preferred topic in a few instances. When the latter occurs, be sure to select a theme you are well-conversant with. Not only will you write an impressive argumentative essay, but you will also have fun while at it. Below is a highlight of some interesting topics that students can write about:

  1. The Ban of Tiktok in the US
  2. Homeschool vs. Traditional Schools
  3. The Pros and Cons of internet
  4. The subject choice among students

Target Audience

Knowing your potential readers is vital for writing an excellent paper. Your target audience is guided by the topic you choose, and students must carefully assess who may be interested in reading their article and identifying their demographics.


A good writer must master how to capture the attention of its readers. Note that you can only be relevant if you use the right tone when writing your argumentative essay. Hence, students must be very skillful when writing their argumentative essays.


To convince your readers, you should use relevant examples and case studies that they can relate to. If, for example, your audience is young people, try using models that they can understand and even feel part of i.e., prom, Netflix, sports etc.


Students can study many sources of information to help bring their ‘A- Game’ when writing an argumentative essay. Remember that your goal is to convince readers why your viewpoints are robust; therefore, give justice to the paper. Be sure to research and perfect your persuasive skills; the result is an impressed teacher and a student who’s a top scorer.

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