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Overview of a Business Cover Letter

How to Up Your Chances of Finding a Job

Do you feel like it’s about time you landed yourself that job? Well, if you’ve got the academic qualification and work expertise, you bet your only worry is how best you can let recruiters know about them. Indulge in this article and learn some important aspects when writing your cover letter.

You don’t just wake up to a message on your phone that there’s a vacant position waiting for you to apply. Seeking for a job entails labor and resilience. You may hand in several job application letters only for them to end up rejected, but you shouldn’t give up. There are several strategies you can be watchful for when seeking employment opportunities. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Networking skills

Building relations with your college peers is the first place to start when seeking employment opportunities. Consider joining an alumni association or being part of a professional body such as the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA). Such relations may present job opportunities for you.

LinkedIn profiling

Do you have a profile listed on LinkedIn? If not, go right ahead and update your academic and professional background data. This is a famous platform for business associations to network and exchange ideas with other stakeholders. The platform also sends you relevant jobs based on your expertise, thus giving you a good shot at applying for a job that matches your skills.

Tips for Seeking Business Employment

Looking for employment is comparable to survival for the fittest or the best man win situation. This ultimately means that it should stand out from the rest for your business cover letter. Here below is how to craft one most compellingly:

  • Use a professional tone and endeavor to make your intro memorable
  • Outline your achievements, skillfully.
  • Give a concise conclusion and include a call to action.

Having the employers’ goal in mind is another way of improving your shot at that business job application. Some of the things that human resources personnel look out for in a business cover letter include:

  1. Whether an applicant’s work experience meets the job requirements.
  2. If the applicant's skills meet the job requirements.
  3. The motive of the applicant; why they want to work in that organization.

The above guidelines are paramount when writing a business application letter. To improve your confidence when drafting it, be sure to read samples listed on search engine platforms like google.


When studying how to perfect your business application letter skills, you intend to persuade employers that you deserve the job. It is worth noting that there are many applicants out there eyeing the same position.

Another aspect worth mentioning is, no matter how bumpy the road gets, never reduce your letters’ worth because of disappointments such as rejection when looking for employment. Instead, always strive to make your next application letter better than the previous one. It is human nature to feel like giving up when we hit rock bottom, but that's when your moment of elevation arrives. Therefore, keep going!

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