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How to Structure Your Argumentative Essay

Outlining the Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay entails more than a conviction of your thoughts regarding a particular subject matter. It involves knowing your target and nailing a sensible narration through your communication. To be compelling, it needs to follow a proper structure, and your content should be reinforced with solid reasoning and evidence. Below is a simple guide that you can follow to learn how to layout your essay.

The introductory paragraph

This is where you highlight your topic by providing background information on what it will revolve around. Students should outline the thesis statement and explain the relevance of their subject. At this point, attempt to keep your readers interested in reading your essay by using a catchy phrase or even posing a question that is hot for debate and discussion.

Thesis statement

This step entails outlining the purpose of your article. It revolves around your main idea by expressing a claim and explaining or answering the question. Students must ensure that their thesis statement is straightforward and offers a concise summary. It is usually stated as the last sentence in the introduction part, and it should be expressed as one sentence.


This is the meaty part of your discussion, and the most important thing to ask yourself is, ‘How do I layout my views?’ First, you need to have a blueprint of how your points should be discussed. Commonly, you are expected to begin your discussion with the most relevant opinion. Secondly, ensure that each paragraph explains a new thought. If your essay is lengthy, you may have to break your body into sub-sections.


To appeal to readers, students should ensure that they provide a conclusive summary of their entire essay. It is worth noting that many readers are busy, and they only read essay summaries. Hence, to maintain relevance in your argumentative essay, students must avoid raising new views and keep it brief. A paragraph should get you going with a great article.

Useful Tips When Writing an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are commonly written by high school and college students, and since they are academically based, students must realize that first impressions matter. You can follow some essential tips to impress not only your target audience but also the teacher who will mark your paper. They are discussed below:

  • Don’t just list your opinions shallowly; instead, strive to make them evidence-based by using credible information sources.
  • Explain to your readers the impact of your study topic and outline effective measures that can be used to fill the gap.
  • Avoid watering down another author’s point of view by making your opinion objective; instead, realize that people think differently.  

An excellent argumentative essay revolves around the above-stipulated tips and guidelines. Be sure to follow them, and you have a sure bet that your readers will be impressed and trust your opinion. 


Remember, if you want to sound credible in your argumentative essay, you need to consider that not everyone who reads your paper will concur with your opinions; hence, you should use a professional tone. While justifying the reason you object to another view, be sure to cite relevant data indicating its ineffectiveness.

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