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Guide to APA and MLA Annotated Bibliography Format

The Correct Annotated Bibliography Format

The annotated bibliography format to use depends on your instructor. But regardless of the formatting rules, the annotated bibliography presented to a professor must be accurate, informative, and work to distinguish your work from other authors.

The format often differs depending on the citation style. Besides, each different source, be it a periodical, journal, book, article, or any other credible material, has its own unique formatting style. In most cases, the annotated should be brief, between 100-150 words. You must also use the appropriate type of annotated bibliography, such as evaluative, descriptive, informative, and summary.

Before you can format the annotated bibliography, you must start by finding relevant scholarly sources related to the topic under discussion and those which will give your work credibility and act as concrete evidence. Review the information presented in each source, select those that add weight to your argument, and give the topic a unique perspective.

When writing, give each source’s strengths and weaknesses to help the reader understand whether to read the complete work. Cite each source based on the requested referencing style. Check the guidelines given by your teacher to ensure that the style you are using to format your paper is preferred in your discipline.

You must also confirm that the way you are citing information is as per the latest edition.

Ensure each source is current, reputable, and written by an author considered a subject expert. When evaluating each source, make sure the information will help you write a high-quality task and answer the question in the research you are undertaking.

Remember, the annotated bibliography entry for each source should be written in complete sentences and include the main points covered by the author, topics, hypothesis, and the approach taken to conduct the research. There are two parts to formatting annotated bibliography: writing the annotation and citations. The citation is formatted based on the reference style requested by a professor so clarify the assignment guidelines before beginning the writing process.

Annotated Bibliography Format in MLA

The sources should be arranged alphabetically using the author’s title format. Keep the citation consistent and double-space the text. The margins should be one inch, keep the summary within one paragraph and start the page with the words “works cited. When providing an evaluation, avoid any biases, be objective, and stick to explaining in the third person.

Annotated Bibliography Format APA

Title the page “annotated bibliography” and double space the whole document. Start the annotations in a new paragraph and keep it in block format. In case the annotation is longer and will cover more than one paragraph, follow the indentation rules accepted in the APA guidelines. In most cases, you will be required to have a summary and analysis; it should be under the reference entry.

Have a title page that gives brief information on what to expect from the rest of the document. Number all the pages, then center and bold the word “references.” Ensure each annotation begins below its specific associated reference and that there are no extra spaces between each entry.

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