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Best Cover Letter Writing Services in the US

Top 4 Cover Letter Writing Service Providers 

Whether you are out of a job and looking for employment opportunities or employed and seeking a promotion, there are several reliable agencies you can consider to help draft their cover letter. The idea behind buying one is so that you present a professionally written letter that can impress recruiters. Among features that you should look out for in a writing agency include:

  • Reviews and recommendations from other clients
  • The cost of purchasing a cover letter
  • The turnaround duration that you can expect your letter
  • The success rate and ability of their letters to be convincing for a job consideration

Having grasped the concept and expectation from a cover letter writing agency, below, we discuss four famous companies that will help you get a groove with that job you’ve been eyeing.  

Find My Profession

This agency has gone far beyond to land its client's jobs in the most reputable organizations globally. Such placements include Oracle, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, among others. Their writers have vast experience, thus enabling clients to select one that matches their industry.

They optimize keywords on clients' letters, making them efficient search engine optimized. With 200+ 5-star reviews, they are arguably the most popular cover letter writing service in the US. Customers are charged between $100- $149 for every letter.

The Resume and Interview Coach

Based in Louisville, this agency has, for over 20 years, been a game-changer in helping people get the jobs they hunt. It is spearheaded by Melodie Power, a renowned cover letter writer globally. As the only writer for the company, she offers customized quotes to different clients and guarantees their cover letter after one week.  

Seasoned and Growing Resume Services

With only $50- $75, one can buy a coveted cover letter from Chelsea, a guru when writing job application letters. She understands the recruitment criteria and will help land you the job of your dreams. Her company reviews are 5/5.

Heidi Howell Marketing

Owned by Heidi Howell and based in San Francisco, this company has earned many 5- star reviews on Yelp and YP. Clients love her simplicity; you give her the order instructions, and that’s it. She tailor-makes the cover letters to meet customers’ demands, and Heidi does a fantastic job not by impressing her clients but by persuading HR practitioners that her clients are the best candidate for a job opening. She does so by writing impeccable cover letters ranging between $50- $199.

Paradise Writing

The agency is located in Hawaii and is niche-based, where it focusses on writing cover letters for military and federal job applicants. Paradise Writing boasts of 4.5/5 reviews on Yelp, and with $85, clients receive their letters within three days.


While you may rely on the agencies mentioned above to take your career to the next level, you must realize that the content of your qualifications and skills matter most. How can they even write you an impeccable cover letter if you lack some bragging rights? So, the gist is that you do your part and let them elevate what you’ve got.

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