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Argumentative Essay Vs. Persuasive Essay

Argumentative and Persuasive Essay Concept Explained

Not all students enjoy essay writing, and when you think of an argumentative or persuasive essay, the thought of writing one becomes even more daunting. Well, writing may not be a forte for all of us, but hey, you can always learn and even become a pro. Begin with baby steps, and soon you will become a marathoner at it.

First, let’s define both terms. An argumentative essay aims to persuade readers that the writer’s views are right, while a persuasive essay tries to persuade readers to come to an agreement with the writer’s views. Are you confused? Don’t be. Let’s get to the nuts and bolts to this dilemma. 

Communication Style

In persuasion, a writer appeals to its readers by using emotions and personal opinions. Research is essential when writing your essay. But, you don’t need to know much to write a great persuasive composition because if you master how to use emotion writing, you’ve nailed it. On the other hand, argumentative essays must take a formal approach where an author has to back up the data with hard evidence.

Type of Audience

The target audience, while writing a persuasive essay, must be intended. For example, a topic relating to racism, such as ‘Black lives matter,’ may appeal more to people of color. Hence, you must identify a proper tone to use and persuade your target audience to join the revolution. In an argumentative essay, one does not necessarily need a specific audience because it intends to express one’s thoughts by passing a message across purely.

Easy Steps to Follow When Writing Your Argumentative or Persuasive Essay

There’s no doubt that both of these essays have a similar goal of convincing readers. This, therefore, means that a student must incorporate these three considerations while writing either a persuasive or argumentative essay. 

  • Choosing a side towards where your thoughts incline
  • Understanding your target audience
  • Convincing evidence

Do you remember those days you were in the debate club? If you were never part of the debate, you bet you were a spectator. When writing either essay, the central concept is to decide which side of the story you will follow.

Having chosen a side, you identify your target audience by doing demographics due diligence. Once you know who they are, where they live, and even their age group, you then identify a communication strategy to convince them.

Lastly, to ensure your readers trust you, your thoughts when writing your argumentative essay must be backed up with credible data that incorporates timely and relevant evidence. When writing a persuasive essay, your target audience is likely to trust you based on how well you express your emotions, passion, and personal experience regarding the topic.


When asked to write an argumentative or persuasive essay, they must critically analyze a topic and carefully note the difference. There are many instances where students confuse the two and end up structuring their essay incorrectly. However, if you read this article carefully, you will get the gist of the dilemma.

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