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A College Argumentative Essay

Writing an Argumentative Essay in College

As a college student, one must encounter an argumentative essay. This is an essay that allows a student to elaborate their viewpoints regarding a particular subject. It can be argued from two scenarios where the prompt may either be:

  • Two-sided- Has the internet contributed positively or negatively to students? Discuss
  • Open- Argue the risks associated with having unprotected sex 

While you are expected to outdo yourself as a college student when writing an argumentative essay, it is worth noting that most of the essays will entail some level of convincing. So wear your thinking caps and start thinking of how you can exemplify your college articles.

Every time you hear the term argument in real life, you know there’s friction. Well, argumentative essays aren’t far from that. They can dwell on agreeing to someone else’s ideas and attempting to convince others to support those views. They can also concentrate on opposing existing ideas and instead persuade readers to adopt their viewpoints.

Argumentative Essay: Step-By-Step Guide

Do not be stressed when asked to write an argumentative essay. Like any essay, it follows the standard essay writing format, and you bet you’ve written several school articles. So, it shouldn’t worry you when assigned one while in college. Below is a guide that will help you write an excellent paper:


Your introduction should provide a summary of what the argument entails. It is worth noting that many people only read the intro of your entire essay to ascertain whether it’s worth their time. Hence, go ahead and grab your readers’ attention with a thought-provoking statement or relevant question. 


Now that you’ve captured your readers’ attention and want to read more about your viewpoints, you must structure your body well. Ensure that your points are extensively discussed chronologically, to begin with, the essential ideas. Your body should;

  1. Have good grammar and well-structured sentences
  2. Use evidence-based examples
  3. Entail original information (avoid plagiarism)
  4. Follow proper referencing styles, whether it’s APA, MLA, or Chicago

Depending on your essay's length, paragraphs can range from three to five sentences for a short article, and more extended essays may entail subsections.


While concluding your argumentative essay, attempt to consolidate your main points and skillfully summarize them. You must not raise new arguments at this point, and your focus is to highlight your opinion's relevance. You can even state a call to action that challenges your readers into joining your side of view.  


As a college student, your greatest joy is good grades. Having looked at the steps towards writing an excellent argumentative essay, you need to factor your presentation. To impress your lecturer, make sure you proofread and edit your paper several times or ask a friend to go through your work. They may notice mistakes that passed your eye. After editing your article, be sure to print it on clean paper and bind your essay for presentation. Remember to wear confidence as you write your argumentative essay; I promise you that you'll be awarded good points if you follow the above guide.

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