This is Project Baird.

Locating programme information for over-the-air broadcasts

  1. Construct a TVDNS or RadioDNS domain name for the current service

  2. Query DNS for the broadcast-meta application

  3. Connect to the resolver service and supply the current programme’s crid:// URI (if available), and start time according to supplied EPG data

  4. Follow the redirect to the metadata service and set the Accept: request header according to the data format required

  5. Present the data to the user


  1. Broadcaster prerequisites:
    • TVDNS domains for the services it broadcasts are configured and registered with the TVDNS administrative body or hierarchical parent (e.g., platform operator), as appropriate
    • SRV and TXT records for the resolver service have been published
    • A properly-running resolver service which redirects based upon URI, TVDNS FQDN and start time
    • A properly-running metadata service
  2. The same process can be carried out for past or future programmes in the EPG, not just that which is currently tuned to.
  3. Linked screenshots — the metadata can be considerably richer than shown (they will be updated at some stage)