This is Project Baird.


The Project Baird Specifications will be published here as they are written.

You can track project activity by watching the project on GitHub.

Early drafts and notes can be found on the GitHub Wiki.

Part 1: Introduction and overview

  1. Introduction and project overview (work-in-progress draft)

Part 2: Application discovery

  1. Generating fully-qualified domain names for broadcast services with TVDNS (given as amendments to RadioDNS specification)
  2. Service discovery on private networks with DNS-SD and Multicast DNS (current explanatory note)
  3. Embedding a fully-qualified domain name identifying a broadcast service in a Service Descriptor Table (SDT)
  4. Enabling user-initiated and pre-configured manual subscriptions (wiki-based notes)

Part 3: Provider-to-device (P2D) applications

  1. Augmenting service information with XRD-based service manifests (wiki-based notes, sample XRD)
  2. Augmenting programme information with Atom-based service feeds (wiki-based notes)
  3. Extending RadioEPG to support television services (introductory note)
  4. Providing visualisations for audio-only services (RadioDNS/RadioVIS specification document)
  5. Capturing audience interest (RadioDNS/RadioTAG working draft document)
  6. Resolving event (programme) information to persistent URLs (wiki-based notes)
  7. XRD document discovery using DNS-SD (wiki-based notes)

Part 4: Device-to-user (D2U) applications

  1. Protocol for establishing pairing relationships between devices (work-in-progress draft)
  2. Protocol for obtaining resource identifiers for services and events (work-in-progress draft)
  3. Remote control protocol (wiki-based notes)
  4. Provision for XMPP-based applications (wiki-based notes)
  5. Delivering recommendations for programmes (both automatic, and based upon social graph)

Part 5: Conformance profiles

  1. Content and device profiles (wiki-based notes)

Appendix A: Supporting specifications

  1. uri: DVB scheme Internet-Draft
  2. Supporting web applications on hybrid devices (wiki-based notes)
  3. Advertising device-provided service availability from behind NAT (wiki-based notes
  4. XRD document extensions for web applications (wiki-based notes)

Appendix B: Identifier registry

  1. Registry of link relations, XML elements, XML attributes and XRD properties (current in-progress registry)