This is Project Baird.

Getting involved

There are a few different ways that you can get involved in Project Baird, whatever you can contribute to the project.

The wiki pages are all editable by anybody — all you need is a (free) GitHub account. Feel free to add comments or make additions and amendments to what’s there.

Once the specifications themselves begin to be drafted, they will be placed in the repository itself (which this website points to). Anybody can use git to clone the repository — collaborators can commit directly to it, but anybody else can fork the project and send a “Pull request” to alert us to the fact that you have made changes which you think should be integrated into the main repository.

You can also file issues against the project, either with feature requests (for example, support for particular kinds of device, new services, and so on), or to highlight problems with the specifications.

If you use IRC, you'll find us on NoTube’s IRC channel, #notube, on Note that this channel is logged and links are posted to the NoTube delicious account.

A mailing list for discussing Project Baird is being generously hosted by Martyn Drake. You can subscribe and browse the archives at the list information page.

If all else fails, you can send an e-mail to