This is Project Baird.

Service discovery on a private network

For some applications, it is more appropriate that they be advertised and discovered automatically by devices on a local wired or wireless network, rather than advertised by a broadcaster and discovered by a connected receiver.

For these purposes, Baird specifies the use of DNS-SD in concert with Multicast DNS, that is, the Service Discovery aspect of Bonjour.

Bonjour is widely-deployed in a range of different devices, with a number of competing implementations in existence, from both Apple and others.

Beyond device-to-user (D2U) applications, Bonjour-based service discovery can be employed to allow applications provisioned on a local network, or on a service-provider’s network, to be advertised alongside those discoverable by other means.

Devices should support both local (multicast-based) DNS service discovery as well wide-area discovery.